Assay optimisation and high throughput screening for your studies

HistologiX offers in-house biomarkers expertise managed by our research scientists. We provide solutions designed in conjunction with our clients to help identify suitable IHC and IF biomarkers which we will validate on your behalf. We use frozen or FFPE samples and we can provide complete IHC assay development or assay transfer of our clients’ methods, which we will validate and optimise to demonstrate they are fit for purpose

We provide high-throughput IHC screening of normal and diseased tissues, using optimised IHC and ISH assays, HistologiX can detect the presence and amount of target within cell lines, patient tissue or xenografts. Examples of our services include the demonstration of protein expression for the cell signalling pathway, efficacy biomarkers, PK and PD study endpoints, POM and POP study biomarkers, pre- and post-therapy patient biopsy screening, pharmacology studies, bio-similar studies and companion diagnostic studies.

Histologix can provide multi-staining assays in order to demonstrate two or more targets in the same section.  Chromogenic methods are limited to two targets, while fluorescent method may identify up to four targets. Digital image analyses are especially valuable to identify co-staining in these assays.

Histologix use the Leica Bond Rx, Ventana Discovery and Benchmark, XT and Ultra automated IHC staining platforms and also LabVision systems.

Target Validation and Distribution

The use of tissue microarrays (TMAs) from specific disease types are a useful way to obtain relevant data from many samples, which can be combined with the necessary clinical history and patient follow-up data.

HistologiX also works closely with it’s sister company Tissue Solutions. Through their global network we can reliably and efficiently source valuable biological material adhering to the highest possible ethical standards. They offer a wide range of diseased and normal tissues in fresh, frozen, and FFPE formats.

IHC and IF Biomarker Development


Target Validation and Distribution

Tissue Micro-Array Analysis

Ventana and Leica Autostainers

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